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Our latest news & exciting booking discount.. read on!

It’s been a while since we’ve written – but things have been BUSY here at Lydcott Glamping! You may have been following us on social media- in which case you’re probably up to date with most of the news – but we have more! Read on…!

Firstly though, here’s a whistle-stop tour of the action since our last blog post:

Mud and groundworks… car park, drainage, services…

Sounds boring, but it’s essential of course – and we think the guys at Armstrong Groundworks Ltd did an amazing job!

Delivery of the cabins!

Planting Lydcott Orchard

Apple, pear and cherry trees go in as Lydcott Orchard is born!

The fun part – making them feel like home!

Decking construction

We took this feat on ourselves and are pretty pleased with the outcome! We needed the decking done as quickly as possible so that we could get some great exterior pictures for the website – that meant labouring every spare hour, come wind, rain and shine. (yes we did get all 3 – it is Cornwall after all!) Thankfully we had some great little helpers in both human and chicken form!

Beautiful curved decking out the front of each cabin gives you somewhere to sit and enjoy the sea views in peace and privacy.

And now for the NEW news!

We’ve finally agreed on some names for our gorgeous cabins. (we couldnt keep calling them cabin 1 and cabin 2 forever now could we?!)


Pasty & Prosecco!

The Pasty is our larger cabin, perfect for families or couples who want a really luxurious romantic break.

Prosecco is our smaller cabin – sleeping 2 people in a huge queen size bed, perfect for couples wanting a romantic hideaway here in beautiful South East Cornwall.

So we’re pretty much ready for guests now! The big question though, is WHO is going to be our first visitor? We’ve had LOADS of enquiries and interest – but we’d love to see some bookings coming through now!

SO with that in mind, and to celebrate the naming of The Pasty and Prosecco – we are offering A WHOPPING 50% DISCOUNT on all bookings in February and March 2019! Simply enter the code PASTYPROSECCO at the checkout when you make your booking online.

We’re really grateful for all the interest everyone has shown – please keep liking, sharing and commenting on our updates – we love to hear your feedback.

With lots of love, and we hope to welcome you to Lydcott Glamping soon!

Emma & Rich. x

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What a view!!

So it’s been a crazy old time here this month. We’re making VERY slow progress with our planning application – but will let you know as soon as we have any newsworthy news! In the meantime – the weather has been crazy to say the least! We love it though, whatever the weather – it’s just a special and magical place to be.

When you stay at Lydcott Glamping you’ll see for yourself – but until then, you’ve just got to take our word for it. The view is so stunning – and it seems to change from one minute to the next, never mind from one season to the next.

We thought you might like to see a few shots, all taken this month (March 2018) to show you how much it can change!

Which is your favourite?


Love, the Liddles x

Today, right now – 1.30pm 28th March 2018 – stunner of a day!

19th March – only 1 week ago! what a difference a week makes!

12th March – 2 weeks ago. A dramatic, moody day with sun and dark clouds – a beautiful silvery shimmer on the horizon.

9th March – no view at all – when the mist descends it’s like we’re on the edge of the world!

8th March – beautiful blue skies and sunshine

8th March, the same day but earlier – a silver sea

3rd March – in one day it can change from deep dramatic moody skies to blue sky and sunshine!

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Our Luxury Glamping Vision is Born

sea views from Lydcott Glamping Cornwall
Sea views from Lydcott Glamping Cornwall
Here we are, our very first blog post. It’s been a couple of years dreaming but we’re finally ready to make the first steps towards becoming a luxury glamping business, here in South East Cornwall.

Every morning we look out across lush green fields towards the sea, and every evening (come rain or shine) we sit outside and admire the very same view, watching the intermittent flash of the Eddystone Lighthouse on the horizon. And every second of every day we count ourselves so lucky to live here. We’ve often talked about how it’s the perfect holiday location. Peaceful, beautiful, sea views, beaches within 5 minutes, the whole of Cornwall on the doorstep.

Lucky enough to also have enough land to be able to create a secluded holiday destination – we have a vision to build 3 luxurious and high spec Shepherds Huts, all taking advantage of the sea views. Each will have en suite facilities, and we may even be able to stretch to a hot tub, all things going well!

So where do we start? Well, we have a meeting with a local architect this week, who comes very highly recommended. We want to make sure that whatever we propose in our planning application has only a positive effect on the local landscape and environment.

We don’t really fully know yet how long it will take, or all the steps to get there, but the journey starts here, and I’m sure things will all fall into place as we go.

Follow us on our journey creating our luxury glamping site – Lydcott Glamping – opening to visitors hopefully some time in 2018. (that’s as specific as we’re getting for now!)

The Liddles x