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Now taking bookings!!

If you’ve been following us on social media recently (and if not, why not?!) you’ll have seen that we finally got planning permission! So it’s all systems go now here at Lydcott Farm, with so much to do before we can start accepting you lovely people as guests. That said, we are officially now taking bookings from April 2019 so we’d better get on with it!

What we do know, is that we should be open for visitors by Christmas this year – but to play it on the absolute safe side – we’ve opened up bookings on our website from April 2019, and will release more dates before then once we have a definite launch date in sight.

We haven’t officially shown you the huts we’ve chosen yet – so here you go… Ta-dah!

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Aren’t they amazing? So in the coming weeks, we have loads to do. Groundworks start beginning of October, and by the end of October we should have new access driveway, parking, all electrical and drainage services in place, and our beautiful huts being delivered in the first week of November!

Then it’s furnishing the huts with all the luxuries you could wish for, and landscaping to create a private outside area for each hut, ensuring privacy without blocking the sea views!

SO, wish us luck and watch this space for more exciting developments!

BOOK HERE to reserve one of the huts for your holiday next year!

With love from the Liddles x

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Exciting Update!

Hi everyone,

I haven’t written for a while as things have been moving at GLACIAL speed – but finally we have some news to update you on.

The Topological Survey

The topological survey was done last month – this is to map out the site for the glamping and take measurements of all the levels for our planning drawings.

Here are a few pics I sneakily took:


Our planning application has finally been submitted!

It’s been a long slow process, and now we wait to hear the response from the council, with everything crossed they won’t have any objections.

We’re really confident that the huts we’ve chosen will have very little visual impact on the landscape, and will really blend in to the surroundings.

We speak at the Parish Council meeting on 18th July, so hopefully everything goes smoothly and we can get them to see what we want to achieve here; a peaceful, beautiful, high end retreat, collaborating with local businesses to give our visitors a memorable stay and a taste of how lovely it is to live here in Cornwall.

Wish us luck!

The Huts

We are SO EXCITED about the huts we’ve chosen, and we fell in love with them the second we discovered them.

There are none like it in the UK as yet, so you can be assured of a truly unique glamping experience here that you won’t get anywhere else in the UK. We’re also really proud to say that we will also be the showhome for these huts in Cornwall and Devon.

We don’t want to give too much away just yet until we have our planning application approved.. at which point we’ll be shouting from the rooftops(!) – but here’s a sneaky peek at the interior…


Yep, aren’t they amazing!!!! Just wait until you see more… watch this space.

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With much love from the Liddles x

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What a view!!

So it’s been a crazy old time here this month. We’re making VERY slow progress with our planning application – but will let you know as soon as we have any newsworthy news! In the meantime – the weather has been crazy to say the least! We love it though, whatever the weather – it’s just a special and magical place to be.

When you stay at Lydcott Glamping you’ll see for yourself – but until then, you’ve just got to take our word for it. The view is so stunning – and it seems to change from one minute to the next, never mind from one season to the next.

We thought you might like to see a few shots, all taken this month (March 2018) to show you how much it can change!

Which is your favourite?


Love, the Liddles x

Today, right now – 1.30pm 28th March 2018 – stunner of a day!
19th March – only 1 week ago! what a difference a week makes!
12th March – 2 weeks ago. A dramatic, moody day with sun and dark clouds – a beautiful silvery shimmer on the horizon.
9th March – no view at all – when the mist descends it’s like we’re on the edge of the world!
8th March – beautiful blue skies and sunshine
8th March, the same day but earlier – a silver sea

3rd March – in one day it can change from deep dramatic moody skies to blue sky and sunshine!

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